Manolis Savva
Assistant Professor
Simon Fraser University
School of Computing Science
Canada Research Chair in
Computer Graphics
CV/Résumé (updated 2018-10-13)


Fall 2022
CMPT985: Rendering & Visual Computing for AI
Spring 2022
CMPT700: Technical Writing & Research Comm.
CMPT361: Intro to Visual Computing
Fall 2021
CMPT361: Intro to Visual Computing
Spring 2021
CMPT700: Technical Writing & Research Comm.
Fall 2019 & Fall 2020
CMPT757: Frontiers of Visual Computing
Summer 2015 (Stanford)
CS148: Intro to Comp. Graphics & Imaging

Students & Visitors

Reza Asad
Supriya Pandhre
Sanjay Haresh
Jiayi Liu (co-advised with Ali Mahdavi-Amiri)
Yongsen Mao


Madhawa Vidanapathirana (next: Microsoft)
Jiaqi Tan (next: PhD at SFU)
Shivansh Patel (next: PhD at UIUC)
Changan Chen (next: PhD at UT Austin)


May 2022
I am honored to receive a CHCCS Early Career Researcher Award.
Jan 2022
Congratulations to Jiaqi for defending her MSc thesis!
Oct 2021
Habitat 2.0 to be presented at NeurIPS 2021 as a spotlight! Check out the project at
July 2021
Congratulations to Madhawa for defending his MSc thesis!
Paper on communication between embodied AI agents accepted to ICCV 2021. Congratulations to Shivansh, Saim, and Unnat!
Mar 2021
Three papers accepted to CVPR 2021. Congratulations to Madhawa, Qirui, Jiaqi, and Lewis.
Dec 2020
Honored to be appointed as Canada Research Chair (CRC) in Computer Graphics.
Serving as co-program chair for Graphics Interface 2021.
Oct 2020
One paper accepted at NeurIPS 2020 and one paper at 3DV 2020.
Jul 2020
Keynote talk on 3D graphics system challenges for simulation at High-performance Graphics 2020.
Two papers accepted at IROS 2020.
Apr 2020
DD-PPO paper accepted at ICLR 2020.
Nov 2019
AI Habitat nominated for best paper award at ICCV 2019.
Mar 2019
Co-organizing three workshops at CVPR 2019: Habitat Challenge, 3D Scene Generation, and ScanNet Indoor Scene Understanding.
Mar 2019
Two papers accepted to CVPR 2019 and one paper at SIGGRAPH 2019.
Feb 2019
Released the AI Habitat platform.
Jan 2019
Started at SFU!
Jul 2018
Joined FAIR Menlo Park as a visiting researcher.
May 2018
Mar 2018
New paper on deep convolutional scene synthesis accepted to SIGGRAPH 2018.
Feb 2018
State of the art report accepted to Eurographics 2018 + one paper accepted to CVPR 2018.
Sep 2017
Two papers accepted to 3DV 2017.
Jul 2017
I was an instructor at the Shenzhen University VCC 2017 Summer School.
Mar 2017
Three papers accepted to CVPR 2017.
Dec 2016
Co-organized the 'Directions in Shape Analysis towards Functionality' course at SIGGRAPH Asia 2016.
Sep 2016
Graduated from Stanford and moved to Princeton.